Live Love Laugh

Recently I happened to see this banner that a companion had on her home, and I had seen it a couple of times however never truly observed it, if you catch my drift. Yet, for reasons unknown when I read it this time it stayed with me.

“LIVE LOVE LAUGH” was what it said. It made me grin and think WOW how basic those words are, yet how genuine they are. On the off chance that we utilize these 3 words in our day by day lives and I mean frequently, I simply realize things will be simpler to fight. I will put these words on my positive word list.

We truly need to LIVE our lives to their fullest and I realize that you have all perused that idiom ordinarily in pretty much every positive confidence book, and jeez I wonder why, since it is the thing that we should do. Consider it like this, when we get a blessing, do we hurl it on the ground or set it away till later or overlook it and state,” whatever? I will get to it one day.” NOT!!!!! It couldn’t be any more obvious, we open it and appreciate it and deal with it and acknowledge where we got it. Is Life not a blessing to us to open and appreciate and deal with and acknowledge where we got it? YESSSSSSS!!! That’s the short and long of it on that word?

At that point we have LOVE. There are numerous kinds of Love…. love of youngsters, Love of spouses, Love of guardians, Love of creatures, Love of nourishment (yum),Love of garments. Love of shopping, Love of moving, Love of sports, Love of companions, however the most significant Love, I accept is simply the Love. We initially should Love ourselves so as to have the option to really Love anybody or anything. So fire Loving Up women.

The third word LAUGH the best thing about this activity is that it is infectious, have you at any point saw that regardless of how concerned or low you feel that when somebody begins to snicker regardless of whether it is as senseless as a chuckle button on your PC, your body consequently changes and sends great vibrations to your mind which transforms into a grin, even a giggle. I am going to put this activity on my rundown of positive activities. I don’t think about any of you, however I can even make myself giggle by simply contemplating something that possibly didn’t make me snicker at the time. I attempt to incline toward those kinds of contemplations when I truly feel the lows sneaking in on me, and Yes it works!

Regardless of whether it is to the detriment of someones silliness, so what! It has made me feel better and no damage was done, so Laugh it up women. It’s an awesome thing.

A couple of words to ponder…….

LIVE like its the best blessing ever!

LOVE yourself like a fat child cherishes cake!

Giggle like you have never chuckled!